Dec 12, 2012

pretending to be normal...

This is how we finished our wedding season! A gorgeous wedding at Loft on Lake and this was the centerpiece of the room, a ten foot tall tree made out of weeping burlap. Created by the oh so very talented Heather, you can read more about it here. Her blog is amazingly hilarious, you must follow! 
We worked so hard this day, weddings on opposite sides of the state, time restrictions and loads of work, but if you are a florist you know that's every weekend. In the midst of it all, during the madness we try to maintain a sense of normalcy, by breaking bread together at the end of the day, and in this instance enjoy the holiday season.
This picture was taken by  Mysi with her new Iphone and on instagram...she's addicted. Sorry for all the blurry/grainy pictures the day went by so fast.. it felt appropriate. More to come on this wedding soon!
 Some delicious Lebanese food hit the spot after a looooooong day. Our waiter was a freak!
 And a visit to the Kris Kindle Market !
 The girls hoping to cash in/score with Santa :)
picture below  was part of the live nativity scene !

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